Compact, general-purpose drilling and tapping in one unit. Ready to adapt to your projects.


Compact, general-purpose drilling and tapping in one unit. Ready to adapt to your projects.


Drilling & Tapping in One Unit


Flexibility and Longevity

As demand for part design changes has increased, adaptable machining centers have become widespread at parts manufacturing sites. But they aren't always the ideal solution.

When mass production of specific parts is needed for a short time - even with quantities of tens of thousands of units - manufacturers turn to dedicated machine tools that can adapt and provide flexibility and longevity.

The Selfeeder Duo is an efficient solution - especially for special-purpose machines for processing large or long parts that cannot fit in a machining center, and three-dimensional molding parts that are difficult to transport and attach or detach. The Selfeeder Duo drills, taps, and changes when you need it to.


A truly universal drilling and tapping solution.

This is a new offering within the best-selling Selfeeder series of units - specifically designed and engineered to efficiently mass-produce specific parts. The Selfeeder Duo is versatile, can drill and tap with one unit, and is compatible with a wide variety of products. The Duo helps you get more out of your special-purpose machines - they become universal - and can be used even when rebuilding a special-purpose machine.

Specifications that are easy to reuse even when rebuilding a dedicated machine

Sugino Selfeeder Duo Drill Tap
Easily change machining capacity by rearranging servo motors
Flexible support for changing tools and holders by rearranging the tip shape of the spindle
Multi-axis head mounting specifications further improve productivity
With Sugino's multi-spindle head as one of the options, production can be even more efficient

For both production plants, and simple worksites

By mounting the Duo unit, you can create an efficient special-purpose machine with minimal idle time. By changing the spindle nose and servo motor, the Duo can be utilized for future production plans as a universal special-purpose production machine.  This makes the Selfeeder Duo an adaptable, flexible, modular solution.

Automated Drill Press Type Stands Also Available

Multi-functional equipment capable of a wide range of machining diameters and inch screws

Equipped with a machining operation program as standard spec.

Easy setup and setup change.


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