Jet Clean Center 302 TT - CNC Turret Type HP Washing and Deburring Machine

Open Air Washing and Deburring


  • Accurately and Consistently Washes and Removes Chips from Simple and Complex Parts
  • High-Pressure Water Deburring – Variable up to 7,250 PSI (50 MPa)
  • Equipped with Sugino OEM Tri-Plex Plunger Pump
  • CNC Controls Enables High Positioning Accuracy to 0.08mm
  • Turntable Allows for Quicker Cycle Times – Load/Unload While Washing
  • 6-Tool Turret with a Variety of Nozzle Options
  • Stainless Steel Wetted Areas
  • Work Envelope: 650mm x 500mm x 500mm (X,Y,Z)
  • Rapid Feed: 48 m/min (1,890 in/min) (X,Y,Z)
  • Multiple Filtration Options Down to 5-10 Microns

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