Sugino Cavitation Water Jet Peening CWJP

Shotless Cavitation Water Jet Peening at IMTS 2022

Wixom, Michigan – May 2022

Sugino will debut its new, leading-edge peening process at IMTS this September. The only one of its kind at the show, the Cavitation Water Jet Peening (CWJP) technology is an innovative shot-less peening process that uses only water. It is available with 4-axis CNC control for targeted peening that doesn’t require masking and delivers results without the waste, safety hazards, or clean-up of standard shot peening.

Sugino’s cavitation-promoting nozzle applies compressive stress to a depth of about 1mm, achieved through the impact of GPa class force. CWJP delivers increased fatigue strength, longer life, and a cleaner finished product. The process has delivered proven results on Titanium Alloy additive and 3D printed parts, specifically those using Ti-6AL-4V powder. It’s ideally suited for medical devices that need the benefits of shot-peening without the contamination of traditional peening media. This focused technology is even able to peen inside holes, tubes, and cavities.

This process is truly clean, uses only water, and requires no additional cleaning process.

Sugino has a long history of harnessing the power of water to cut, deburr, clean, atomize, and now peen metals. We started working with water nearly 60 years ago – and have become masters at using renewable natural resources and incorporating sustainability – to affect industry and manufacturing.

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